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A small remote with big power



With just a tap, perform an action like changing the music or turning on the lights.



Some actions can be double-tapped, allowing you to switch albums or run alternate lighting scenes.



Hold a button for half a second to switch between one of four apps.

Tap all four

Don't know what a button does? Press all four buttons to show a heads-up display (HUD).

Built to work with iOS and macOS

Turn Touch pairs with your phone or computer using a seamless app that allows you to customize what the buttons do.

Use your iPhone, an iPad in the living room, or your iMac with as many remotes as you own. And each remote runs for a year on a single coin cell battery.

Let the apps work hard, not you

Dozens of apps for your smart home devices and for your computer, all controlled with your remote.

Philips Hue lights

Switch between scenes and set sleep timers or colorize your lights for a dance party.


Your music has never sounded better.

Belkin Wemo

Control home electronics and lights without having to turn them on and off.

Nest Thermostat

Switch between temperature settings for different times of the day providing energy savings and comfort.

Smart locks

Set your locks as part of your day.

Control your Mac and your phone

For all the apps you already have.

Alarm clock

Wake up on time to music.

Home App

A single button for every connected device in your home.

Powerpoint & Keynote

Power through your presentations and present in style with a remote as easy on the eyes as your slide deck.


A remote for iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.


When you want to watch movies and TV on your Mac using Quicktime and VLC, no other remote cuts it.


Control system-level Mac settings like volume, sleeping the display, and screen brightness.


Focus on the news you want to read.


Read the text from any website on the big screen.


Work out in your home with a trainer you can train.