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Open Source Projects

Developers have created open source projects that work with Turn Touch. This list includes all known projects. If you'd like to be featured here, please get in touch.

If you'd like to build you own app on Turn Touch, you can use the handy guide at the bottom of this page.

Raspberry PI




If you'd like to connect to Turn Touch, here are some values you should use.

Device name Turn Touch Remote
Button Status Service UUID 99c31523-dc4f-41b1-bb04-4e4deb81fadd
Battery Status Service UUID 180F
Button Status Characteristic UUID 99c31525-dc4f-41b1-bb04-4e4deb81fadd
Device Nickname Characteristic UUID 99c31526-dc4f-41b1-bb04-4e4deb81fadd
Battery Level Characteristic UUID 2a19


If you enable notifications on the Button Status Characteristic UUID, you will receive a 2 byte data package.

Off 0xFF00
North 0xFE00
North double tap 0xEF00
North hold 0xFEFF
East 0xFD00
East double tap 0xDF00
East hold 0xFDFF
West 0xFB00
West double tap 0xBF00
West hold 0xFBFF
South 0xF700
South double tap 0x7F00
South hold 0xF7FF
Multi-touch North + East 0xFC00
Multi-touch North + West 0xFA00
Multi-touch North + South 0xF600
Multi-touch East + West 0xF900
Multi-touch East + South 0xF500
Multi-touch West + South 0xF300
Multi-touch North + East + West 0xF800
Multi-touch North + East + South 0xF400
Multi-touch North + West + South 0xF200
Multi-touch East + West + South 0xF100
Multi-touch North + East + West + South 0xF000